Sami Woodall

Rookie (11-17-92 / Detroit)

Biography of Sami Woodall

I've grown up in Detroit, Michigan since I was 4 years old. I am a foster child, and I was sexually abused in my first foster home. I have one real sister that I know of... I don't know her on a personal level, but I know that her name is Mykia. My foster mother's name is Sandy, my father is Joe, and my foster brothers names are: Tyler, Mich, Austin, Stephen, Charley, and Devin. My sisters are: Tiffy, Madison, Brittany, Erika, Shelby, Katrina, and Haley. they are auzzom!

I am about to give birth to a baby girl, in about 2 months, but sadly will be raising her alone.

I spend alot of my time writing poetry, and drawing, but enjoy crafts, and riding horses. I plan on going to college to be a writer, and moving to Mssouri... hopefully it all works out...

talk l8r...

with love,

Sami Lynn Updates

'I Love You'

It started with 'I love you, '
he would always say it to me,
and I would say it back,
I was so happy!

We would start with a hug,
then we'd kiss and make-out,
and I was sure he loved me,
I had no doubts.

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