Samima Shah

Samima Shah Poems

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92. A West Side Story! 9/17/2012
93. Fyi, You Are The Apple Of My Eye 4/20/2012
94. I Am Enough! ! 9/22/2012
95. Self Reliance 6/3/2012
96. Saladin 5/14/2012
97. Inside Us! ! 6/23/2012
Best Poem of Samima Shah

Inside Us! !

Inside us we carry that parallel self

A burial vault without any delf

A little prick wakes up that oppressive pain

Buried deep in past with lots of strain

Ugly regrets which weren't ones fault

Nothingness exaggerated, life craving a halt

The feeling of lone & lost thing

One trusted most, damage the life string

Taking relations sensitivity, always forgranted

Something and some words, just couldn't be supplanted

Left behind is the mirror with a crack

Which magnifies self, one less shiny… other very black.

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Putting pen to paper only for that soul
who shapes society and community as whole.

Are living as sisters, mothers and wives
Some work for living, other sustain loved one lives.

In this grind forgrants her importance of being
A very good quality is the talent of foreseeing.

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