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Sammy's Notes Poems

1. Path To Your Heart 5/18/2007
2. Fall Of Mankind 7/4/2007
3. When Dreamworld Turns To Hell 8/3/2007
4. Hard Road Of Loneliness 8/4/2007
5. Drowning In Your Eyes 8/12/2007
6. Fearless Love 8/12/2007
7. Only For You 10/1/2007
8. First Taste Of The Future 1/18/2008
9. A Simple World 2/6/2008
10. Sunrise Of Appreciation 2/7/2008
11. Tear My Pain Apart With Your Heart 2/7/2008
12. Eternal Love & Immortal Fate 1/18/2008
13. Trust Respect Love 4/3/2008
14. Waken Eyes 4/4/2008
15. The Man In A Hollow Suit 4/15/2008
16. Destruction Certain 4/21/2008
17. Nothing Left For Me Here 4/21/2008
18. Melancholy Landscape 4/28/2008
19. The Breed Of Underground 5/10/2008
20. Hourglass Of Your Existence 5/20/2008
21. Perception After Sorrow 5/20/2008
22. In The Name Of The Fallen 5/21/2008
23. Give My Soul Wings 5/9/2007
24. Rose Red Love 1/18/2008
25. Mirror Of The Shallow Pigs 4/5/2008
26. Soulmate 2/6/2008
27. Before The Eyes 4/3/2008
28. Reaper's Loveful Heart 5/9/2007
29. Clouds Of Love Rain 5/12/2007
30. A Reason To Hold On 9/15/2007
31. Creature Of The Night 5/6/2007

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  • Chie Boy (3/6/2014 11:15:00 AM)

    RDC Checklist - Referrals

    1.1 Replacing/Ordering/Approving the card when there is a valid indicators
    1.2 Failed to reject the card when there is a valid indicators
    2.1 Failed to order a new card when needed
    2.2 Failed to reject the card when needed
    2.3 Failed to approve the card when needed
    2.4 Card Ordered for Wrong Person in case the account is joint
    2.5 Upgrade/Downgrade the card instead of ordering New
    2.6 Ordered New Card instead of Upgrade/Downgrade it
    3.1 Failed to update the spreadsheet
    3.2 Wrong updation of the spreadsheet
    4.1 Failed to add notes for DOB process
    4.2 Incorrect/Incomplete Customer Name in the letter
    4.3 Incorrect/Incomplete Customer Address in the letter
    4.4 Not using Letter Template given for each brand (LTSB, Halifax, BOS)
    4.5 Forgot to change the Date of the letter

    RDC Checklist - Rejections

    1.1 Replacing the active card when there is a valid indicator
    2.1 Instead of replacing the card, new card was ordered
    2.2 Failed to Replace the card when needed
    3.1 Incorrect comments on Handle Task view
    3.2 Incomplete comments on Handle Task view
    3.3 Failed to mention Please ignore previous comment when correcting statements
    4.1 Failed to check customer notes relating to Fraud
    4.2 Failed to check Customer Notes for Disputes
    5.1 Failed to update the spreadsheet
    5.2 Wrong updation of the spreadsheet


    OBW CMAS-Rejections (Steps)

    1. Get task from the following OU boxes(12266,12273,35051,35070 and 35079)
    2. Track each Task ID's then Go to All comments, check for the Rejection Warning
    3. Rejection Warning: Plastic type inv (for toa) . (other than this rejection warning, do not take action, TMS handle task.)
    4. For Plastic Inv (For TOA) : Check for INDICATORS(009,646,011,038) . If you found (009,646,011) indicator, take no action and update the TMS handdle task. note: if you found 038 indicator, check for customer notes for Fraud and Dispute
    5. Check for the PAN and Customer's Full name
    6. Check for the status, it should be in Active status
    7. Replace the card and update the TMS handdle task. (i.e CA21 - Card Ordered - Task Complete)
    8. To check if you order the card succesfully, Go back to cards screen and check the status of the card. Card should be in Approved status.

    OBW CMAS-Referrals (Steps)

    1. Get the Sort code and Account number from the spreadsheet(daily or monhtly volume downloadble from share point)
    2. Open Account Products in PBS. note: Halifax can access from BOS PBS vise versa, but LTSB can only be access from LTSB PBS only
    3. Choose option 1 and option 2, enter Sort code and Account number
    4. Check the Referral Reason(option 3) note: check for both account and customer indicators
    5. Check for the following Indicators (020,011,048,646,015, or 657) 011 - deceased
    015 - dormant account
    020 - check address
    048 - bankruptcy
    646 - account transaction prohibited
    657 - refer to AQCU
    6. If you found any of those indicators(from step 5) proceed to option 4(Cards) and reject the card with the Refer status. note: Card that is in refer status should be match with the name given in the spreadsheet. If the card in the refer status did not match with the name given from the spreadsheet, take no action and update the spreadsheet. Same procedure if you did not found any card which in the refer status. If you did not found any of those in indicators proceed to step 7.
    7. Check for the card with the refer status. Check the customer's name. If the customer's name did not match from the spreadsheet, take no action and update the spreadsheet. Same goes if you did not found any card which is in the refer status. If the card is in the refer status and the name of the customer matched from the spreadsheet, proceed to step 8.
    8. Press Enter in the selected card, and click on Approve button to check for the referral warnings(For bulk6560,9311,9312,6361,6362 and 6802. For blocked 6357,6823 For conflicting cards 6810 and 6811 For DOB 6368 and For CBS account 9313. If any of these referral warning pop up, please follow process map for the specific referral warnings procedures and update the spreadsheet. If none of those referral warning pop up, proceed to next step.
    9. After clicking on approve and none of the referral warning pop up, click on ok. Work down the card list until a card is accepted.
    10. To check if the card was ordered successfully, go to Card(option 4) . Then check if the status of the card is in Approved. If it is in approved then the card was successfully added.
    11. Check if Mother's Maiden name has been filled correctly in the box (if required)
    12. Check if the individual spreadsheet has been correctly updated - The Referral code, action taken and the comments column.

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Best Poem of Sammy's Notes

Clouds Of Love Rain

The ship sails the blue ocean made of grace
Clouds of love rain, washing away the bad remains...
Of the yesterdays, which brought you to the lowest grounds
Today everything has changed
I promised, i'd never leave you laying in a pool of grief
My love is your lifeline, just grab on and don't let go
My arms are your shelter, you'll be safe and secure
I taste your tears, i'll kill all your fears
You don't have to stand alone, i'll support you
You no longer cry alone, i'll help you.

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Path To Your Heart

I found a way into your heart
It feels so warm, so full of love
Don't want to leave from your arms...
Just hold me through the night
I want to be in this flame till i ignite
I just fear, i won't be able to let go...
To walk alone
You've showed me the way...
My brightest light

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