Sammy S. Quence

Sammy S. Quence Poems

1. I Miss You 5/9/2009
2. Never Fail To Fall 5/9/2009
3. What Is Death To You? 5/9/2009
4. Dreams Of My Fairytale 5/9/2009
5. Forever Be One 5/10/2009
6. Wolf In The Moon 5/10/2009
7. The Wings And A Feather 5/10/2009
8. Glory To The King 5/10/2009
9. No More 5/10/2009
10. You Will Be Safe 5/10/2009
11. My Blood 5/10/2009
12. I'Ve Seen The Man 5/9/2009
13. Our Hearts Will Always Be One 5/9/2009
14. My Promise To You And Me Forever 5/14/2009
15. I Used To Be Someone 6/11/2009
16. Count Down To Misery 6/11/2009
17. Dry 6/11/2009
18. Our Time 6/11/2009
19. Rain, Soul, Peace, Home 6/11/2009
20. What Is The Point To You? 6/11/2009
21. Death Waltz 6/11/2009
22. The Vain Of Blood 6/11/2009
23. All Around Us 6/11/2009
24. Mercy Please 6/11/2009
25. Our Evenings Together 6/11/2009
26. In The Moon 6/11/2009
27. Girl In The Corner 6/11/2009
28. One Way Avenue 6/11/2009
29. Will You Still Be Wiling To Come Here With Me Tonight? 6/11/2009
30. I Know I Can Do This 6/30/2009
31. One-100 To One 6/30/2009
32. Evil Alone 6/11/2009
33. Blood Is My Thirst 6/11/2009
34. This Is My Summerland 5/10/2009
35. Soul Crusher, Lover, Killer 5/9/2009
36. The Rain, O Lord, One More Time Let Me Hear You Say 5/9/2009
37. What She Means To Me 6/30/2009
38. Dead As Can Be 5/9/2009
39. This Is Your Legacy 5/11/2009
40. Time Time Time 5/9/2009

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You Make Me Cry, When I Look Into Your Eyes, Why?

When I see that face of an angel
Just staring at me from near or far
I start to smile, inside and out
But then, behind the face of that angel
I can see the pain and the misery
The confusion and the weakness
I can see it in your eyes
Trying to hid the feelings where there never found
Just as a lost soul, trying to hid and keep to its self away from the others
If I could do something
To make that look in your eyes go away for good
I would do it in a heartbeat, as fast as a snap
But I know what I did
That gave your eyes that sad look
That gave them that ...

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I Miss You

I want to hear your voice
I want to see your face
I want to feel your presence all around me

There are no words in the world
To describe how much
I miss you
I feel dead without you here
Where are you?

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