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You Make Me Cry, When I Look Into Your Eyes, Why?

When I see that face of an angel
Just staring at me from near or far
I start to smile, inside and out
But then, behind the face of that angel
I can see the pain and the misery
The confusion and the weakness
I can see it in your eyes
Trying to hid the feelings where there never found
Just as a lost soul, trying to hid and keep to its self away from the others
If I could do something
To make that look in your eyes go away for good
I would do it in a heartbeat, as fast as a snap
But I know what I did
That gave your eyes that sad look
That gave them that ...

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Never Fail To Fall

I wish this feeling will never fade away
I wish that we could just fly away today
And come back some other day
When all is well and perfect for once in my life
I wish that the sun would shine
I wish that we could just sit in one spot forever
And all will be lost in our minds
The world has tried to teach us
But it failed, for all we know, is Love

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