Samuel Alfred Beadle

(1857-1932 / the USA)

Biography of Samuel Alfred Beadle

Samuel Alfred Beadle (born August 17, 1857, in Atlanta, Georgia, died 1932, in Chicago, Illinois) was an American poet and writer. After the Civil War, Beadle moved to Jackson, Mississippi, where he studied law and began the practice of law.

Samuel Alfred Beadle's Works:

* Sketches from Life in Dixie (Chicago: Scroll Publishing and Literary Syndicate, 1899)
* Lyrics of "The Underworld" (Jackson, Mississippi: W.A. Scott, 1912) Updates

A Message For Janett

Far away where the raging sea goes,
In the islands of the sea,
There our brave and daring heroes
Fought the battles of the free;
From the hands of arrogant Spain
Struck the sword of tyranny,
On the plains of El Caney.

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