Samuel Eyitayo

Samuel Eyitayo Poems

1. We We Is Our Tongue 8/7/2013
2. The Ladder And The Lady 8/7/2013
3. The Way 8/7/2013
4. Capture It Now 8/7/2013
5. The One In The Two 8/20/2013
6. Down-Load 8/20/2013
7. Looking For The Ray 8/20/2013
8. Water That Stings 9/3/2013
9. Tarry To The Top 5/2/2013
10. Good Morning, Not Mourning 2/14/2014
11. The Fool, Clad With Curses 3/31/2014
12. Fore-Give 3/31/2014
13. I Will Never Forget 3/31/2014
14. Corrupt Me If You Can... I No Dey! 5/10/2014
15. Light Has Come! 5/18/2014
16. Tempt Me If You Could 5/18/2014
17. The First Attempt 5/18/2014
18. Soul In Crisis 5/18/2014
19. The Maiden Appointment 5/18/2014
20. Mo Ti Gbo, Mo Ti Gba (I Have Heard) 5/2/2013
21. A Fool With Plenty Nonsense 2/14/2014
22. Longing For My Eve 3/6/2014
23. Like A Flash 5/18/2014
24. The Calamity Of The Wise 5/19/2014
25. The World Of Mr. Su-Egbe 5/19/2014
26. Lasting Death 8/19/2014
27. Log Me In 8/19/2014
28. Radiance In Black 8/19/2014
29. Be Like A Man 8/19/2014
30. Is This The Turnstile To Life 8/19/2014
31. Desperate To Go Nowhere 5/19/2014
32. Think Of Safety First 6/6/2014
33. The Marking Of The Night 10/17/2014
34. Tech It With Eyes Wide Open 5/10/2016
35. Love Me Not! 5/10/2016
36. I Want It New 5/10/2016
37. Freedom Is Not What I Want 5/10/2016
38. Blame Me Too 5/10/2016
39. Dear Lord, I Am In Love 5/10/2016
40. Not In Them 5/10/2016

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Best Poem of Samuel Eyitayo

Death O Death

Death O Death
You took my friend away
Without no notice
You are liar
Death O Death

Death O Death
You took away His dreams
Without any other
You are liar
Death O Death

You are liar
You know quite well
That he was about to blossom
You struck
You are liar
Death O Death

Death O Death
You have done your worst
What else could you do
He is dead, yes!
But he will rise again
You are liar
Death O Death

Samuel A. Eyitayo
Monday, November 2001

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We We Is Our Tongue

We are the children
We are not of the same root
We are bolted in one
We are locked in guns
We are bound to rule
We are tied to match
We we is our tongue
We we is our act
We love to fight

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