Samuel finley

Biography of Samuel finley

I'm twenty year old now and it's been long since I first picked up a pen and drew my first poem from its ink. Time has beaten and flown away from my 15 of age.
My poetry gave way when upon this female of whom I sought to bring into something of an awe-struck state. She was my conquest that ultimately ended into a pensive she drove me emotionally mad at the puppy age of 15, then not knowing how to cope with being in love and the having but the slightest experience with the sort.
I still write out of love and heart...I still write for the female-sort. Updates


No bloody clue what I would do without her,
Seeming thereat let go of the reins would I,
as I perceive myself at a solemn and fell hour;
consummating this ill-fated life, fire in my eye.

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