Samuel Hall

Rookie (December 5,1987 / Boise, Idaho)

Biography of Samuel Hall

Samuel Hall poet

I've never realized my mind's capabilities until high school. I grew up my whole life in Boise, Idaho, living the daily rituals without realization of what I was doing. I've lived in two houses during my life, one for 8 years, one for 9. I have always had a fetish for sports, whether it's soccer, basketball, or tennis. However, recently, I discovered the commonly unknown sport of lacrosse. I now play the sport passionately. Alongside this, my mind won't stop thinking through the simplest of human acts and concepts. When I'm driving, I can't help but look at a tire on another car and ponder about everything that has to do with it's movement and existence. I think things through constantly. This has led to poetry, and hence an outlet of my mind. Updates

Thankful To Write

Where to start, where even to begin,
To search the sky or to search within.
To be thankful is a treasure enough for me.
What else am I thankful for? You will soon see…
I’m thankful for this rock that we call earth,
For the one who created it, for the virgin birth.
I’m thankful for the blood that was shed for my sake,
And the one who did it, my faith he has made.
I’m thankful for the food set before us right now,

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