samuel nze Poems

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Mullato Or Black

One cannot be short
And tall both at once
You're either rich or poor
The in-between is boring

Any Lost Cause?

What have you been fighting for
What is the reason for the sweat
That cleaves to your brow
That tired gruntling?


I sit before my computer, busy
Most people are like me
Encouraged to be busy
In our fast world - always.

Enough Of You!

Who do you think you are, man?
Come on, enough of you!
See the way you strut
Like a veritable peacock -

You Want To Kill Me

With rat on my chest
I had to pray hard
I pleaded with God
From midnight till dawn

Grieving Like A Fulsome Song

Grieving like a fulsome song
Harps the exit of the loved
Wreaths will curtain on the pane
As with pain the loser sighs

Angry Words

When we make arrogant sounds
In anger we spoil something
Bile and bad blood
Fill our chest and choke

Your Envious Brother

Ascribe him a name
And say it aloud
So that Sekere may be ashamed
And the samba remorseful

Money Is Greater

When you are asked to choose
Between love and money
As a young girl
Born with a wooden - not silver -

Sunlight Today

The harsh tyrannical sun
Alarms me today
By its fierceness -
It is so hot!