San Antonio Can! High School

San Antonio Can! High School Poems

1. Lost 9/22/2006
2. A Love That Can'T Be Fulfilled. 10/4/2006
3. The Sweet Life 10/6/2006
4. Who Is To Blame? 9/20/2006
5. Lost In Love 9/21/2006
6. To My Girl 9/21/2006
7. Knowing 11/21/2006
8. If I Could Remember 9/21/2006
9. Stop The Pain. 9/21/2006
10. Why Do I Still Think Of You? 9/20/2006
11. Chico 9/19/2006
12. I Live For You! 9/19/2006
13. My Everything! 9/19/2006
14. Not There 9/21/2006
15. My Lover's Eyes 9/21/2006
16. Winter Night & Spring Comes 9/21/2006
17. Grandma, When I Think Of You 9/21/2006
18. Drowning 9/21/2006
19. Felix, My Dearest Love 9/18/2006
20. Love And Lying 9/19/2006
21. My Life 9/19/2006
Best Poem of San Antonio Can! High School

My Life

My life
is full of joy but also has some pain.
I laugh when I am happy,
I laugh sometimes when I'm getting mad,
I cry wnen I'm sad and can't hide anymore,
I cry when I laugh too much.
It's hard to know how I'm feeling,
but I like it that way.
I try to hide my feelings that I don't want anyone to know.
My life, my life,
is full of joy but also has some pain.

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She’s screaming out loud.
The water is out of control.
She cannot escape.

Nothing can stop it.
Her world is spinning really fast.
She tries to break free.

The waves pound on her.

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