San Antonio Can! High School

San Antonio Can! High School Poems

1. Lost 9/22/2006
2. A Love That Can'T Be Fulfilled. 10/4/2006
3. The Sweet Life 10/6/2006
4. Who Is To Blame? 9/20/2006
5. Lost In Love 9/21/2006
6. To My Girl 9/21/2006
7. Knowing 11/21/2006
8. If I Could Remember 9/21/2006
9. Stop The Pain. 9/21/2006
10. Why Do I Still Think Of You? 9/20/2006
11. Chico 9/19/2006
12. I Live For You! 9/19/2006
13. My Everything! 9/19/2006
14. Not There 9/21/2006
15. My Lover's Eyes 9/21/2006
16. Winter Night & Spring Comes 9/21/2006
17. Grandma, When I Think Of You 9/21/2006
18. Drowning 9/21/2006
19. Felix, My Dearest Love 9/18/2006
20. Love And Lying 9/19/2006
21. My Life 9/19/2006
Best Poem of San Antonio Can! High School

My Life

My life
is full of joy but also has some pain.
I laugh when I am happy,
I laugh sometimes when I'm getting mad,
I cry wnen I'm sad and can't hide anymore,
I cry when I laugh too much.
It's hard to know how I'm feeling,
but I like it that way.
I try to hide my feelings that I don't want anyone to know.
My life, my life,
is full of joy but also has some pain.

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If I Could Remember

If only I could remember...
I think I have a problem
I can't remember anything
One day I will wake up
and I won't know my own name

I used to think it was funny
Now I am ashamed
I call my husband Hunny

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