San Soans

Biography of San Soans

I love to write for the common people who often don’t see themselves in the spot light.

I began writing at an early age, hoping that my writing will touch people’s heart and add an extra smile to their lives.

I believe in living ‘one day at a time’. I'm a dreamer and have a passion for food and long conversations.

In my spare time I blend my imagination and thoughts to enjoy the small joys that life brings along my way each day. Updates

Defying Death

The invisible monster of afterlife walked closely behind her breathing heavily on her neck.

Thinking it was just the breeze she walked on by....

The deal was - if she took a backward glance he would make himself visible and be her secret partner for life.

She walked into an alleyway thinking she was safe and could defy death, but the dark shadow of death lay in wait at the same street for its prey that day.

Sensing fear, she turned and walked into a dimly lit pub; through a burgundy

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