San Soans

Biography of San Soans

I love to write for the common people who often don’t see themselves in the spot light.

I began writing at an early age, hoping that my writing will touch people’s heart and add an extra smile to their lives.

I believe in living ‘one day at a time’. I'm a dreamer and have a passion for food and long conversations.

In my spare time I blend my imagination and thoughts to enjoy the small joys that life brings along my way each day. Updates


When I was alone, in my heart I used to mourn
I knew not of your love, the peace the joy it gives
One day you touched my heart, and cleansed my every sin,
that is why I sing, you are the Majesty.

Majesty, Majesty, the manna you gave your people,
Majesty, Majesty, the rainbow in the sky,
the covenant of your love you sent for me.

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