Sana Olivia Hernandez

Freshman - 937 Points [SOH] (Roseburg, Oregon)

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Sana Olivia Hernandez poet

I was born in Roseburg, Oregon on March 31st. I have loved reading and writing for many years now, though I didn't really get into it until 5th grade. I have no published books/poems, just a lot of kind and encouraging comments on my poetry that I truly appreciate. Without so much support, starting with my English teacher Mrs.Mudrich in 8th grade, I doubt I'd ever bother with poetry. I still consider myself an amateur author. I have had no published books or proper training or real teachings in the art of writing other than what is provided with a public education (Language Arts and Reading, etc.)
Writing is my hobby, however not my main passion. I use it as a another way of letting out my emotions and thoughts. If anyone is actually reading this, I thank you for reading what I have to say and for your kind comments and patience.
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Little Brother...

Little Brother,
Please don't cry.
Though the world is dying by.
I'll give you wings,
So you can fly.

Little Brother,
Don't ask me why.
Just spread your wings.

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