Sana Olivia Hernandez

Freshman - 937 Points [SOH] (Roseburg, Oregon)

Biography of Sana Olivia Hernandez

Sana Olivia Hernandez poet

I was born in Roseburg, Oregon on March 31st. I have loved reading and writing for many years now, though I didn't really get into it until 5th grade. I have no published books/poems, just a lot of kind and encouraging comments on my poetry that I truly appreciate. Without so much support, starting with my English teacher Mrs.Mudrich in 8th grade, I doubt I'd ever bother with poetry. I still consider myself an amateur author. I have had no published books or proper training or real teachings in the art of writing other than what is provided with a public education (Language Arts and Reading, etc.)
Writing is my hobby, however not my main passion. I use it as a another way of letting out my emotions and thoughts. If anyone is actually reading this, I thank you for reading what I have to say and for your kind comments and patience.
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Vocal Ink

Perfect silence.
A blank sheet of paper.
A mouth about to open.
A quill dipped in ink.
The words will not come,
My pen will not write.
Not yet.

Sudden words of anger,

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