Sana Olivia Hernandez

Freshman - 937 Points [SOH] (Roseburg, Oregon)

Sana Olivia Hernandez Poems

41. Dandelion 9/3/2014
42. Burning Red 9/3/2014
43. Blue Rose 9/3/2014
44. Ink 9/3/2014
45. Welcome! Now Go Home. 9/3/2014
46. Juggle 9/3/2014
47. Preoccupied 9/3/2014
48. Spring 6/26/2014
49. Summer 6/26/2014
50. Fall 6/26/2014
51. Winter 6/26/2014
52. Vivid 8/18/2014
53. X 8/18/2014
54. Chocolate! 9/3/2014
55. Cradled In The Cosmos 9/3/2014
56. Music 9/4/2014
57. Society's Bind 9/4/2014
58. Seasons Repeat 9/4/2014
59. Hey, M.J 9/4/2014
60. Conscious 6/22/2015
61. Can I Tell You? 6/22/2015
62. Colorblind 6/22/2015
63. Mirror, Oh Mirror 6/22/2015
64. Let Us Dance In The Warmth Of Love! 2/14/2016
65. Where'd My Dream Go? 6/8/2016
66. Echo? 6/8/2016
67. Loss And Love 6/12/2016
68. Listen, Don't Look 9/25/2016
69. Love For Langston Hughes 8/14/2014
70. Drunken Smoke 9/4/2014
71. Xylophone 8/18/2014
72. Twelve First Days 9/3/2014
73. Rest In Peace, Robin Williams 8/14/2014
74. Dream Ice Cream 6/25/2014
75. Poetry 6/26/2014
76. Rain 6/25/2014
77. From Me The Author, To You The Reader 6/3/2014
78. Inspiration 6/25/2014
79. Vocal Ink 4/29/2013
80. Shower 5/10/2014

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  • Daniel Brick Daniel Brick (8/4/2014 12:52:00 AM)

    Hi Sana You have had a creative spring and summer. If the time seemed to go fast, it's probably because your imagination was accelerating the ordinary pace of things. The beginning of a school always involves a shift of energy, a change in habits, an absorption in the school calendar. But I will continue coming to your site here at PH, looking for the NEW POEMS which I know will arrive if not often, at least memorably.

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Best Poem of Sana Olivia Hernandez

Flower Shop Story

A single, beautiful,
Pure white rose.
I hold it gently in my hand.
Never expecting light to shine where I stand,
Illuminating a diamond wedding band.

This must be a dream,
I think, for I had never loved before.
Before the man in beautiful light,
Walked in to my little flower store.

A lavender rose blooms,
We are still,
Neither moves.

Not one word is spoken,
Not one breath taken.
For now we simply are,
Two halves of one another.
But will we still be together if and when I awaken?

A simple hello,
Rosemary scent ...

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The Sky Is Always Blue

World War One and World War Two,
Even after all we've been through,
The sky is always blue.

Tears have fallen from me and from you,
But despite any tragedy,
The sky is so blue.

Does this not aggravate you?

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