sancheir lewis

Rookie (July 15,1991 / ST.Jhons, Antigua)

Biography of sancheir lewis

I am a active never sitting down longer than a min.girl i play soccer an a very talented dancer and cheerleader. When i do sit down it is to write poems or short my years of living i did some very dumb things and kept them locked up in my heart but now i let them all out on paper the way i really feel and the thing that i went through. i am very down to earth when i write me and my bestfriend write and it is just great when we can write each other and express the way we feel about each other.poem is what made us see how much we like each other and now it is like a romeo and juliet. i like my life and i will want to see what i have in store and maybe become a famous writer one day you never no what may happen. Updates

All Alone

Sitting all alone in a boxed room
looking at the walls locking in on me
looking like they are about to fall in and 'BOOM'
wondering what my life is going to be.
thinking to myself should i take that step out of the door
or maybe just sit here and cry for myself
'but what is there to life for' i should just lay here on this cold floor
i can't even call for help because i am all by myslef.: (

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