Rookie - 478 Points [SANDEEP] (14th feb 1994 / dhanbad, jharkhand)


1. Seeds Of Deeds 8/9/2015
2. Crippled 8/9/2015
3. My God 8/9/2015
4. Charitraheen 8/9/2015
5. Shital Matir Choa 8/9/2015
6. Mere Pal 9/9/2015
7. कामियाबी 10/28/2016
8. उनका नंबर आया ही नहीं 11/3/2016
9. আজ আসি 11/5/2016
10. अहाना 1/18/2017
11. तलाश 5/7/2017
12. मेरी रातें लम्बी होती हैं 6/3/2017
13. कुछ ऐसे भी ज़माने थे I 6/27/2017
14. তুমি -new- 8/9/2017
15. A To Z Alpha 8/7/2015
16. @past 8/7/2015
17. Revolt 8/9/2015
18. Self Respect 8/9/2015
19. Crush 8/9/2015
20. Smile 8/9/2015
21. Game Of Thrones 8/6/2015

Game Of Thrones

It seems as if in the war for peace,
I hold a sword redhanded.
With the bliss of glory for the tag of legend,
my illusions of fate pretended.

Forgiveness, kindness, heart collage,
I see them on the tip of blade,
with the noise of dying, silence of death,
slowly and slowly they fade.

Tribute of blood harvested land,
no one compete and face,
the end of war with lethal scar,
ending massacre race.

I fill my words with death, with swords,
lying so low red handed.
With the mist of glory for the tag of legend
my illusions of fate ...

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Self Respect

When I come out with hope,
I dont bother for scope,
Inspite of thinking millions,
I think of a little stuff,
that carries me through my ventures,
to relieve to engulf.

Inspite of thinking millions,
I try myself to be,

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