Sandhya Suri

Sandhya Suri Poems

1. A Prayer 4/5/2011
2. Random Muse 4/5/2011
3. These Unsaid Words 4/5/2011
4. My Country First 4/7/2011
5. Season Of Reminiscence 4/7/2011
6. This Journey Called Life 4/7/2011
7. Whispering Little Goodbyes 4/7/2011
8. Living By Faith 4/7/2011
9. Sight 4/9/2011
10. Afterthought 4/9/2011
11. An Evening Stroll 4/9/2011
12. Anguish 4/11/2011
13. Answers 4/11/2011
14. Autumn Crunch 4/11/2011
15. Eruption 4/11/2011
16. Yearning 4/12/2011
17. Whirl Wind 4/4/2011
18. Grey Scraps 4/5/2011
19. Washed Ashore 4/11/2011
20. A Photo Thought 4/6/2011
21. Transitions 4/7/2011
22. A Rainy Day 4/6/2011

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A Rainy Day

When I woke this morning
was told it rained…
I looked out
The skies were grey…
I sat in bed sipping
scorching hot coffee
sighed and wished
it was a Sunday…
Such glorious days
should be spent
holding your face
to the breeze,
talking to the sounds of silences
interrupted by
rumbles of thunder…

Along with those gray clouds
my mind wandered…
off to the poem…
The solitary Reaper…
then back again…
to the city I grew to love
of rains and driving through them,
of getting drenched
messed up with melted ice-creams
It was ...

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These Unsaid Words

There exists no opportunity
But tell you I must
Whether you choose to hear or not
But tell you I must.

Thoughts tumble in my head
making and breaking alliances
raindrops still held onto leaves
After a shower, sometimes, forever,

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