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I'm a nice girl to know, Im an easy going person and love to help people. love to chat and make new friends etc..X-x-X. Am engaged, have taken on the mum role to my partners son Ethan.. we had a baby girl called emily, she was born 30th august 2009 getting married 24th July 2009. Love all my family & friends to bits <3 I find writing poems a good way to get out how I feel. Updates

I Know The Pain You Feel

You hurt and you’re angry and so full of pain inside
And you feel as though no one could care less,
Your lonely, I feel this and I see the tears in your eyes
You don’t want to hurt anymore is all you cry,
You always walk alone
And you cry at night when nobody is home,
Come here and let me hug you darling and hold your hand
I promise you that things won’t always feel this bad,
There are so many things I want to say to you

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