Sandra Feldman

Sandra Feldman Poems

2401. Sentimental 4/9/2015
2402. 3 Little Words 5/6/2014
2403. To A Pearl 7/25/2015
2404. Speaking To A Rose 6/3/2015
2405. The Human Touch 1/8/2016
2406. A Very Personal Matter 12/4/2015
2407. Loons And Locos 5/5/2016
2408. Can'T Help It 11/5/2012
2409. Things 3/17/2015
2410. A Happy Poet, Really? 8/20/2014
2411. Truly Yours, Chicken Noodle Soup 12/11/2014
2412. The Eternal Poet 7/14/2014
2413. Forever 8/7/2012
2414. A Poet's World 10/14/2012
2415. For My Country 11/24/2013
2416. Deception D'Amour (Love Deception) 10/26/2012
2417. One Enchanted Garden 9/17/2014
2418. If Poets Dream 9/28/2012
2419. Dreamer 3/4/2015
2420. Big Children 1/2/2015
2421. Sometimes This Happens 4/22/2016
2422. The Moving Sea 12/6/2014
2423. The Loving Rose 1/3/2015
2424. Winter's Song 2/4/2015
2425. Nuit D'Amour (Love's Night) 11/9/2012
2426. The Right To Be Free Inspired By This Pharse 'All Of Mankind Should Be Free' Written By My Dear Friend And Poet Luareat, Valerie Dohren 6/18/2013
2427. Being Better 7/21/2016
2428. A Look Of Love 12/24/2012
2429. Friendship 10/5/2014
2430. 21st Century 11/18/2013
2431. Simply Love 8/12/2012
2432. A Different Love 3/9/2014
2433. Lonely Moon 10/18/2014
Best Poem of Sandra Feldman

Lonely Moon

The Moon will shine,
Without your smile,
But no longer shall it be,
A Moon that shines for me,
Gone are the days,
When you'd just stay,
So close, smiling at me.

The Moon is cold,
So I am told,
And winter's here for me,
When love is gone,
There is no Sun,
The Moon is all I see.

Oh lonely Moon, my lonely Moon,
Poor orphan in the sky,
Detached from mother Earth,
Your barren surface has no life,
No hope, no love, no mirth.

Oh Moon alone,
Made out of stone,
Rotating in the sky,
A phantom ship,
No life ...

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How do I love you?
I love you more than I can say.
Why do I love you?
Because you helped me find my way.
When do I love you?
At every passing moment of each day,
Where did I find you?
In some forgotten corner, in a Play

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