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Sandra Feldman Poems

1721. Hope Is The Last Thing Lost 6/20/2015
1722. Crumble, Crumble, Social Tumble 6/11/2015
1723. Please Forgive Reality 6/9/2015
1724. What Is Age? 6/9/2015
1725. Those Lonely Hearts 6/8/2015
1726. Not All Is Bad 5/21/2015
1727. Reaching For The Sky 6/5/2015
1728. Meltdown 6/7/2015
1729. A Belief For Poets? 6/5/2015
1730. Dday,1944 Normandy-France 6/6/2015
1731. Fooled By A Mule 6/2/2015
1732. Poor Poet Fools 6/2/2015
1733. How Deep Do We See 6/2/2015
1734. Songs To Be Sung 5/31/2015
1735. To A Night White Calla Lily 5/29/2015
1736. Blue Skies, Gray Skies 5/27/2015
1737. The Beauty Of Greatness. 5/19/2015
1738. What Poetry Can Be 5/23/2015
1739. What Is Man? 5/24/2015
1740. Life's Turning Wheel 5/25/2015
1741. Infinite Love 5/9/2015
1742. Most Precious Treasure 2/25/2018
1743. Little Joys And Blessings -new- 3/12/2018
1744. The Magic Films Project -new- 3/12/2018
1745. Portrait Of A Poem 2/19/2018
1746. So Very Long Ago 2/3/2018
1747. In The Looking Glass 2/8/2018
1748. A New World Born 2/11/2018
1749. Silent Secrets 2/11/2018
1750. Silent Social Media 1/27/2018
1751. Still Wondering 12/31/2017
1752. Beware Of Vipers Nest 12/22/2017
1753. A Far-Fetched Thought? 12/5/2017
1754. A Little Wishful Song 12/19/2017
1755. Disillusion 12/15/2017
1756. Still Looking 12/12/2017
1757. A Certain Something 12/13/2017
1758. An Autumn Feeling 12/14/2017
1759. True Creativity 12/8/2017
1760. Psychedelic Saturday Night 12/9/2017

Comments about Sandra Feldman

  • Zoila T. Flores Zoila T. Flores (4/19/2014 8:24:00 PM)

    Well, the moon, has inspired to the best poets to get beautiful poems. I like it

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  • Life Sparkles Life Sparkles (4/18/2014 2:44:00 PM)

    Usually brevity
    With a drop of levity,
    All perfectly blended,
    Heaven descended

    Humble, Pure
    Everyone's cure

  • Khairul Ahsan Khairul Ahsan (9/19/2013 2:36:00 AM)

    A poet of softness,
    A poet of kindness,
    A poet with eyes to appreciate even the smallest beauty,
    A poet that stands tall with total humility,
    Is Sandra Feldman,
    So loving and humane!

Best Poem of Sandra Feldman

Lonely Moon

The Moon will shine,
Without your smile,
But no longer shall it be,
A Moon that shines for me,
Gone are the days,
When you'd just stay,
So close, smiling at me.

The Moon is cold,
So I am told,
And winter's here for me,
When love is gone,
There is no Sun,
The Moon is all I see.

Oh lonely Moon, my lonely Moon,
Poor orphan in the sky,
Detached from mother Earth,
Your barren surface has no life,
No hope, no love, no mirth.

Oh Moon alone,
Made out of stone,
Rotating in the sky,
A phantom ship,
No life ...

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Love is sacrifice and glory,
Love is saying you are sorry,
Love is caring more than ever,
For you, now, and then.....Forever.

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