Sandra Feldman

Sandra Feldman Poems

1801. Poetry's Philosophy 5/27/2018
1802. Joyful Poet 5/25/2018
1803. Loving Hope 5/28/2018
1804. Lonely Tears 5/17/2018
1805. Wonderman? 5/17/2018
1806. Evocation 5/22/2018
1807. Love's Secrets, Limbic System? 4/24/2018
1808. A Loving Wish 4/22/2018
1809. Who To Love And Find 4/30/2018
1810. Love Sweet Love 5/1/2018
1811. Fine Acting 5/5/2018
1812. Mental Exercise 5/6/2018
1813. Secret Folds 5/9/2018
1814. Loving And Living 5/12/2018
1815. Truly Loving Poetry 4/18/2018
1816. Hand In Hand 4/8/2018
1817. Heaven's Touch 4/8/2018
1818. Hopefully Wishing 4/8/2018
1819. Non Plus Ultra, The Utmost Feeling 4/9/2018
1820. Life's Treasure 4/9/2018
1821. Love's Ambitious Promise 4/2/2018
1822. Deeply Feeling 4/10/2018
1823. Galactic Love 4/4/2018
1824. Live Connection 3/28/2018
1825. Lovable Words 3/29/2018
1826. Poetry Lives 3/31/2018
1827. Poetry's Voyage 3/31/2018
1828. Most Precious Treasure 2/25/2018
1829. Why Poetry 3/24/2018
1830. Never Forgotten 3/18/2018
1831. Of Poetry 3/21/2018
1832. What's Wrong With Us? 3/22/2018
1833. Little Joys And Blessings 3/12/2018
1834. The Magic Films Project 3/12/2018
1835. Portrait Of A Poem 2/19/2018
1836. So Very Long Ago 2/3/2018
1837. In The Looking Glass 2/8/2018
1838. A New World Born 2/11/2018
1839. Silent Secrets 2/11/2018
1840. Silent Social Media 1/27/2018

Comments about Sandra Feldman

  • Richard Beevor (5/8/2014 2:36:00 PM)

    zero progresso, no progress, much progress for me, loved it

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    0 person did not like.
  • Richard Beevor (5/8/2014 2:35:00 PM)

    hi just read falling in love, good job, will read more of your work, thank you

  • Zoila T. Flores Zoila T. Flores (4/19/2014 8:27:00 PM)

    Wow, It's very well inspired. Good Job.

  • Zoila T. Flores Zoila T. Flores (4/19/2014 8:24:00 PM)

    Well, the moon, has inspired to the best poets to get beautiful poems. I like it

  • Poem By Poem By (4/18/2014 2:44:00 PM)

    Usually brevity
    With a drop of levity,
    All perfectly blended,
    Heaven descended

    Humble, Pure
    Everyone's cure

  • Khairul Ahsan Khairul Ahsan (9/19/2013 2:36:00 AM)

    A poet of softness,
    A poet of kindness,
    A poet with eyes to appreciate even the smallest beauty,
    A poet that stands tall with total humility,
    Is Sandra Feldman,
    So loving and humane!

Best Poem of Sandra Feldman

Lonely Moon

The Moon will shine,
Without your smile,
But no longer shall it be,
A Moon that shines for me,
Gone are the days,
When you'd just stay,
So close, smiling at me.

The Moon is cold,
So I am told,
And winter's here for me,
When love is gone,
There is no Sun,
The Moon is all I see.

Oh lonely Moon, my lonely Moon,
Poor orphan in the sky,
Detached from mother Earth,
Your barren surface has no life,
No hope, no love, no mirth.

Oh Moon alone,
Made out of stone,
Rotating in the sky,
A phantom ship,
No life ...

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Miami has a pickle smell,
A smell that tells you all is well,
You enter in a restaurant,
And eat and eat all that you want.

And there is herring too, you know,
So white that it resembles snow,
'Light Bagels' with some cream and lox,
That even would please Mr. Fox.

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