Sandra Finch Poems

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Just Like Mom And Dad

I tell you I love you, you say, always love me,
A love like ours was always meant to be.
All my life you’re the one I dreamed about,
With your love my darlin' there is no doubt.

Want Ad Date

I answered a want ad to find my perrrrrft date,
But He wasn't what I expected and He was two hours late! ! ! ! ! ! !
His ad said he was rich and looked like a movie star,
I know he stretched the truth-Just a little bit too far! !

That Kiss

That Kiss
Time stands still. There you are,
Holding me, Kissing me, Loving me.
I never felt more loved in my life!

Symphony Of Words

A symphony of words
Created to touch us all.
A masterpiece fit
For Carnegie Hall.

Come Home To Me

I reach out to touch you, you aren't there,
I have so much to tell you, so much to share.
My arms ache to hold you, my lips miss your kiss,
I need you my darlin, ' it's your loving' I miss.

Pot Of Gold

I followed the rainbow
To find it's pot of gold.
What I found was better
I found you to hold.

Waiting At Heaven's Door

When I die, my love, sing no sad songs for me.
Take my ashes to the shore, let them drift across the sea.

Smile and be happy, remember me with a love song.

Rock Concert

The Electricity in the room
would light the sky.
Listening to the crowd shout
and watching the girls cry.

Second Chance On Love

Miracles happen, dreams do come true.
The proof is this love, I have for you.
Your every wish, I'll make come true,
cause darlin', I'm so much in love with you.

An Artist's Eye

If you could see the world
through an artist's eye,
You would see a picture
that would make you sigh.