Sandra Finch Poems

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Keep Christmas In Your Heart

Christmas is the time of year for kindness, forgiveness and love.
A time to kneel down, give thanks to Jesus above.
A time to be charitable, happy and open our closed up hearts;
A time to reflect on others make a brand new start.


Your voice makes me shiver,
Imagine what your kiss would do.
Your words Make my heart race,
Imagine me making love to you.

I Hit The Jackpot

I feel like a millionaire when I'm In your arms.
The Marquee is lit up
Saying' I'm taken by your charms.
The whole, wide world now knows

Spread Your Wings

When we freely forgive others who have hurt us,
our angel brings us a God's special blessing of love.
When we open our hearts to others,
God smiles from the heavens above.

Where Do Broken Hearts Go

Angry words are spoken as she walks out
the door. My heart lies broken like
glass hitting the floor. I turn away
so she can't see the tears I cry. I

My Husband, My Lover, My Forever

The light envelops your body
in a blanket of playful shadows
illuminated by the flickering
dance of the candles' glow.

Gods' Holy Light

One single star appears in the massive sky,
As slivers of wispy clouds go floating by.
As evening progresses, its' mate appears,
Singing a lullaby, only angels can hear.

It’s The Little Things

We’ll enjoy the little things, the sweet pleasures that
Your love brings; like walking on the beach with your
Hand in mine, loving each other, just passing the time.
Holding each other the whole night through,

Unforgettable Journey

The most unforgettable journey is
The journey you take with your heart.
Everything you see and do
Will seem like a work of art.

People Do Care

You hide the scars inflicted, It was a bittersweet sort of pain.
You smile on the outside, masking your hurt and shame.
But your feelings are known, we see them in your eyes
But you only know how many tears you’ve have cried.