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Barbara Huck 16 January 2017
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Bob Blackwell 06 October 2014
Sandra was one of the finest poets on this site or anywhere. Her passing is a huge loss to Poemhunter and all the poets who loved her work.
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Sean North 24 September 2012
Dear Sandra (sAnta) :) .. u havE mOveD me wiTh nOt Only your Words but oF ur Time and KindnEss...ur the best with a PiEce of paper and a..gueSs u CouLd Use a Quil A BrUsH a pen blunt pencil CHaLk A foUntain Pen cRayons heck BeRRieS...AnD get The thIng Said.hands down....words im not to good at so...least not these kind.. bUt i KnoW yOu know what THAT meAns...moSt sinCerly...and the KidDinG AsidE..Peace
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Nimal Dunuhinga 22 March 2012
Nightingale is a nocturnal bird, but Sandra sings all the time with her rich vocabulary in the nature....................her poems like paintings without any brush marks.Instead of the canvas she choose everybody's soul. No way to contact her nowadays whether she's still sick or not? sincere student, nimal
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Bill Grace 17 October 2009
Sandra represents a special grace within the life of the community. Bill Grace
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Jasper Pane 27 July 2009
Within the subtex of you words there is regret... love and hope. Truly, you are a fine writer.
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Wiskey Pete 23 July 2009
Somehow the goodness within you shines through your work. You are a quality human being and I so injoy reading your work. It seems when I have spent some time with you, I always leave with a peaceful and contented feeling. I do not write myself, however I spend a good deal of quality time searching for poets like yourself. Good health, God Bless.
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Alison Cassidy 05 July 2009
Sandra has described herself as a sunset soul with a preference for autumn and winter. And this assessment doesn't surprise me. Many of her poems are written in what I would call a minor key and there is often a feeling of regret lingering between the lines. She uses the word gray and describes seasonal images viewed through windowpanes. I visualize her sitting in a cosy study lined with books. A gracious lady with a great love of words and a humility which is unusual in one whose work is so highly accomplished. I am regularly astonished by the originality of Sandra's images and when I read some of her comments on other people's work, I find myself saying: 'I wish I'd said that'. I am honored to have Sandra as my friend on PoemHunter and look forward to reading the her latest offering, always. Love, Alison ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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Vaibhav Pandey 27 January 2009
One of the best poet in this site.
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Paper her canvas, white Pen her brush, black Painters never paint While She's painting
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James B. Earley 15 May 2008
A talented writer of depth, and sophistication!
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John Tiong Chunghoo 09 March 2008
Sandra Fowler is an extraordinary poet with a very unique style to draw you into her verses. you feel a part of nature that speaks to your innermost self. after the 10 or 12 poems you read of hers, i guarantee you you will be back to her for more. her poems are addictive because it calms your whole soul in this stressed up world. go and discover the great poetess.
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Raveendran . 21 September 2007
Her poetic genius is ever fresh, always capable of conveying vitality to her readers.
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Simply, one of the finest poets on Poemhunter. Like a breath of fresh air - and a thought-provoking, relaxing, rejuvenating, eloquent one. All agree that Sandra has, and is, a serious talent. t x
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Cody Simpson 19 August 2007
You are one of the best non-classical poets on here, bar none. You remind quite a lot of Eliot and Dickinson. Keep writing, and check out my work if you have the time.
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Uriah Hamilton 04 February 2007
I very much admire and appreciate the very beautiful poetry of Sandra Fowler. Thanks for sharing your gift and Happy Birthday! ! Uriah
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Robert Howard 24 November 2006
Sandra's enchanting poems draw the reader into a world of grace, beauty and intimacy. Such a world is a wonderful place to visit or dwell.
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Charles Garcia 21 August 2006
Sandra: Your comment on my Mariner come home, was appreciated, as I am facinated with the old Navy. Being Navy myself, It was interesting that you mention Kate Copin, as I never heard of her, so pulled her out and amazing how I felt like her, so I took a quote from her inserted in my poem, a perfect fit.Thanks again as you input means so much to me. The Poem was inspired by reading Colerridge's Mariner. Charles Garcia
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Will Barber 10 July 2006
Ye who have ears to hear, Let them hear.
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