Sandra Marie

Rookie (January 12 1993 / Manhattan)

Sandra Marie Poems

1. The Truth That Hurts 2/28/2008
2. Just Know 3/9/2008
3. Like I Do Now 3/22/2008
4. Just Live... No More 3/22/2008
5. Was It All 3/22/2008
6. The Day That It Happen. 4/6/2008
7. Please Really Hold On! ! 4/23/2008
8. You Were Never Real! 4/27/2008
9. The Day You Slipped Away 4/27/2008
10. Reflections 10/21/2007
11. Why Have You Caused All This Pain On Me! ! 4/30/2008
12. Love That Wont Disapear! 5/3/2008
13. The Lonely Wolf I Became 5/6/2008
14. My Coffee Grows Cold Waiting For You 5/8/2008
15. The Love That Grew More 5/13/2008
16. You And My Love For You 5/20/2008
17. Understanding Stuff Such As This? 4/30/2008
18. Don'T Leave Me Without Explaining! 5/1/2008
19. What You Did For Me. 7/22/2008
20. This New Journey 8/17/2008
21. Love Has Evoled 9/14/2008
22. Looking At The Life I Need To Achieve! 12/24/2008
23. The Disturbance You Gave Me 12/30/2008
24. This New Love Im Beginning To Know 1/30/2009
25. This Obsession That Never Leaves 2/22/2009
26. Burned For Good 4/12/2009
27. You Asked My Name 11/9/2008
28. Loving You! 11/9/2008
29. Not Understanding 7/22/2008
30. Saving This Place. 6/6/2008
31. Hear My Confession 1/22/2008
32. So Keep Holding On Hun, I Will Never Let You Fall 1/22/2008
33. I Will Wait For You 4/30/2008
34. I Know You Take Care Of Him. 4/20/2008
35. You Lied To Me, You Never Loved Me! ! 5/1/2008
36. You Deserve It! ! ! 8/18/2008
37. It's Not Your Fault You Tried 12/3/2008
38. Did It Really Happen? Was I Really There? 4/29/2008
39. Is It That Hard! 9/29/2008
40. Until My Heart Stops Beating 11/25/2008

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Best Poem of Sandra Marie

Until My Heart Stops Beating

My Heart is frozen,
and it is all because of her.
She left me here to die,
and yet she didn't explain why.

But today my heart goes into two.
After the truth I heard about him.
After knowing how I felt.
He left me there to fall.

As I cry out to the world
Why? Please Help!
Don't leave me broken!
Don't leave me here to die.

Yet no answer is found
Nothing is heard only
As I breathe in and out
and my tears falling into my puddle.

I believe in this fantasy
That can't ever happen.
How Naive?...

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As days go by,
you are near,
As every hour goes by,
I think of you..
more everyday.

I look at you,
I see your eyes,
I see a reflection,
of you and me.

The reflection,
Is a beautiful,
view and desire.

So soft,
So beautiful,
a beautiful vision.

Thank god
For this moment

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