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Sandra Martyres Poems

321. A Lost Poodle 8/11/2009
322. Twilight 8/29/2009
323. My Grandmother's Gift 5/18/2009
324. World Environment Day 6/5/2009
325. Earthquake 5/12/2009
326. Lenten Thoughts 3/16/2009
327. Reminiscing On Mother’s Day 5/10/2009
328. On Tigers And Owls 5/28/2009
329. Good Old Donald Duck 6/12/2009
330. A Candle Goes Out 8/29/2009
331. Death (Senryu) 8/15/2009
332. Page Three 9/20/2009
333. Punished 9/25/2009
334. A Vegetarian's Nightmare 10/30/2009
335. Goldilocks 6/7/2009
336. A Celebration Gone Wrong... 4/20/2009
337. Goodbye Mom 4/10/2009
338. Hitched (Senryu) 8/25/2009
339. Vibgyor - A Splash Of Colour 8/6/2009
340. A Mysterious Neighbour 9/2/2009
341. Senryu Poems 1/19/2010
342. Snakes And Ladders 4/5/2009
343. A Banana Peel 3/16/2010
344. The Basket Weaver 6/9/2010
345. A Passing Cyclone...(Senryu) 11/11/2009
346. Serenity (Senryu) 9/30/2009
347. Work-Life Balance (Senryu) 8/5/2009
348. A Special Prayer 4/23/2009
349. A Humble Poetic Tribute 5/18/2009
350. Simple Life 9/21/2007
351. I Cannot..... 3/31/2009
352. Alphabetic Inspiration 9/10/2009
353. Arranged Marriages 4/2/2010
354. A Banker's Prayer 9/26/2009
355. The Power Of Prayer 6/25/2009
356. The Oppressed 10/27/2009
357. Cinderella 6/7/2009

Comments about Sandra Martyres

  • Patti Masterman (11/30/2009 10:08:00 AM)

    I can't paint at all, but it would be so easy for me to paint a portrait of Sandra; I would merely draw a large open Heart supported on two strong legs, that aren't afraid to take a stand. But I can do much more with words, so I would like to say that Sandra is the sweetest person, without any discernible ego; she is always kind and ready to listen to anything you have to say, and I only wish she wasn't so durn far away! (had to sneak a little rhyme there in at the end; it's in my blood what can I say..)

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  • Karin Anderson (sorry can't vote or comment) . (9/29/2009 12:35:00 AM)

    We are extremely fortunate to have Sandra Martyres on this site as, she as an Economist, is able to bring financial matters to light for us. Not only is she an economist, but has excellent English skills having come from a background where her Father who was so well versed in Latin and English, made sure his daughter was too! What does this have to do with poetry? An excellent vocabulary assists Sandra to write with wit, humor, satire and style. Sandra also writes great Senryu and Haiku and being so observant with world events and what makes people tick, her narrative style of poetry is so very well worth reading too. Sandra has become a dear friend to me, and a lady with a kind and generous heart. Thank you Sandra for your gift of words. love Karin Anderson

  • Metin Sahin (8/14/2009 11:51:00 AM)

    SANDRA read muy poems Pls

Best Poem of Sandra Martyres


It’s Midnight my love
Its time for me to disappear
And leave behind my
Golden slipper
For you to find
Making sure that
There will be another
Evening of pure delight

Don’t stop me my love
It’s a written rule from above
That your Cinderella
Must leave no matter what
At midnight on the dot
For if she does not
Yours will not
Be a happy lot

Please turn around my love
Cast a glance at the
Beauty that abounds
In this lovely gathering
Of dolled up ladies waiting
To play the game of mating
While you do that
Like ...

Read the full of Cinderella

Simple Life

Life is a beautiful dream
Though it may not always so seem
Look at the flowers that surround us
They appear and disappear without a fuss
As do the birds in the sky
They just continue as long as they can to fly
I watch in awe as the cows lazily graze
They are in no hurry to reach fields of maize
The juicy grass is good enough

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