Sandra Osborne

Sandra Osborne Poems

41. Then We Are Free 12/13/2004
42. Random 1/7/2005
43. Fake 1/3/2005
44. Advice From Friends 3/18/2005
45. As I Am 4/4/2005
46. 9/11/2001 3/14/2005
47. I Have My Dreams 1/3/2005
48. Morning Night 12/14/2004
49. Sweet Sixteen 3/7/2005
50. Seeds Of Hate 12/6/2004
51. Sometimes 12/8/2004
52. Here 1/7/2005
53. Legacy Of Lord Byron Jones 12/8/2004
54. Colored By Pain 2/3/2005
55. Another Night 12/6/2004
56. It's Me 12/29/2004
57. I Have 1/25/2005
58. No Place To Go 1/25/2005
59. Jefferson's Dreams 12/29/2004
60. Poetry Hound Patchwork 3/3/2005
61. White Birds 12/6/2004
62. Tomorrow Ii 12/8/2004
63. Prejudice 12/6/2004
64. Rulers 12/19/2004
65. Feeling Pain 1/7/2005
66. Realization Of A War 12/10/2004
67. Lovers 12/31/2004
68. Need 12/29/2004
69. For J.R.R. 9/9/2006
70. Where Should I Wander To? 9/17/2006
71. Where Should I Wander? 9/17/2006
72. No Lies 9/21/2006
73. Sonnet Xi: Christmas Morning 1969 12/1/2006
74. Sonnet Ix: A Temptation Affair 12/1/2006
75. Drusilla 3/14/2007
76. Hard Faith 3/20/2007
77. Sonnet Xii: No Bird Goes Hungry 11/28/2007
78. No Doubt About It 11/30/2007
79. Inspired Afterwards 2/9/2008
80. Save The World 3/22/2008

Comments about Sandra Osborne

  • Lare Austin (1/20/2005 10:46:00 PM)

    Hi Sandra...just read your poem, 'Ghosts'. Wow...what well intwined words that hit so well to the target...
    'If I believed
    In the future more;
    Maybe I would believe
    In the past less.'

    Very well said...very...well said...

    Lare Austin

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  • Lare Austin (1/19/2005 10:17:00 PM)

    Hi Sandra…
    “Three Words For A Lover’s Day”…I absolutely love this piece…it encompasses in just a few words that expresses an entire/complete thought…beautifully. I like very much how you keep the continuity flowing as if weaving your words like a seamstress…

    I thought “Cleansing Rain” was so delicately presented. Just like the title itself…gentle…but…well…how should I put this…like a single droplet that falls perfectly where it is meant to be…

    And Sandra…when I read “Morning Night” I actually saw the changes in colors and textures of the sky and earth and light. You captured this magnificently…

    I agree with Herbert 100 percent…you ARE a damned fine poet. I would hope that you would publish a book of poetry. If not yet, in the near future I would hope, your book will be…and I mean this from one who admires GOOD poetry…fantastic. I recently got published with my own book of poetry, “Point A to Point B (Well, Almost) ”. I would like to say I’ve got some pretty good stuff in it. But I MUST say…from the twelve, or so, pieces I have read, so far, of your stuff…Sandra…you’re very good. I will read on…and I will definitely let you know how good your stuff is…that is…if you still want my opinion…I will be reading your poetry in many poetry books to come…no doubt…

    Just me, Lare Austin

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Best Poem of Sandra Osborne


It's funny how
You make me cry,
Make me feel
Like I'm a lie.

It's funny how
You make me scream,
Make me feel
Like I'm a dream.

It's funny how
You make my pain,
Make me feel
Like life’s a game.

It’s funny how
We try to win...

Don't make me
Cry again.

Read the full of Funny

Janice Pickett

Janice Pickett,
My partner in crime,
A talent, so good,
A poetic mind.

You’re my second self
Wrapped up in you
So much like me,
There are so few.