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Sandra Osborne Poems

81. It's A Pack Thing 4/12/2008
82. Jackson 4/15/2008
83. Isolation 1/19/2005
84. Times Forever 3/9/2005
85. Cats: More Than A Musical To Me 3/16/2005
86. Brandy Disappeared One Day 4/4/2005
87. The Battle's First Kill 9/29/2005
88. Drift Not, But Run 8/23/2006
89. Our World 8/23/2006
90. If 7/11/2007
91. Oh My Friend, Today I Saw Poetry… 8/23/2006
92. Watching The Sunrise 12/20/2005
93. Commitment 12/29/2004
94. Monsters And Myths 12/31/2004
95. Sonnet Vii: The Late Night Lonelies 3/13/2005
96. The Sunshine 12/8/2004
97. Herbert 12/8/2004
98. Rhyme 12/22/2004
99. The Haunting Heist 12/22/2004
100. The Sun, It Rises 2/19/2005
101. From Your Lips 1/25/2005
102. As Dreams Float By 1/16/2005
103. For Suzanne 1/28/2005
104. The Country Ride Home 12/8/2004
105. I Have Loved You 12/13/2004
106. Eight Letters 2/23/2005
107. Here Alone 12/13/2004
108. Rejection 2/3/2005
109. The Punch Card 2/4/2005
110. A Cigarette 3/8/2005
111. Set Me Apart 12/10/2004
112. Sonnet X: A Marine Officer 12/1/2006
113. Death 12/24/2007
114. Lare Said “lines” 3/11/2005
115. Summertime Dreams 12/31/2004
116. First Revelation 1/14/2005
117. I Loved You 12/11/2004
118. I Would Like 12/29/2004
119. Lonely 1/14/2005
120. Thanks 1/16/2005

Comments about Sandra Osborne

  • Lare Austin (1/19/2005 10:17:00 PM)

    Hi Sandra…
    “Three Words For A Lover’s Day”…I absolutely love this piece…it encompasses in just a few words that expresses an entire/complete thought…beautifully. I like very much how you keep the continuity flowing as if weaving your words like a seamstress…

    I thought “Cleansing Rain” was so delicately presented. Just like the title itself…gentle…but…well…how should I put this…like a single droplet that falls perfectly where it is meant to be…

    And Sandra…when I read “Morning Night” I actually saw the changes in colors and textures of the sky and earth and light. You captured this magnificently…

    I agree with Herbert 100 percent…you ARE a damned fine poet. I would hope that you would publish a book of poetry. If not yet, in the near future I would hope, your book will be…and I mean this from one who admires GOOD poetry…fantastic. I recently got published with my own book of poetry, “Point A to Point B (Well, Almost) ”. I would like to say I’ve got some pretty good stuff in it. But I MUST say…from the twelve, or so, pieces I have read, so far, of your stuff…Sandra…you’re very good. I will read on…and I will definitely let you know how good your stuff is…that is…if you still want my opinion…I will be reading your poetry in many poetry books to come…no doubt…

    Just me, Lare Austin

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Best Poem of Sandra Osborne

War Some More

War. And war some more.
War. And war some more.
No one knows,
What it's for,
War. And war some more.

The images seem
To rule the day,
War and Generals,
All the same,
All the answers,
Seem so lame,
All our reason,
Gone insane.

War. And war some more.
War. And war some more.
No one knows,
What it's for,
War. And war some more.

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Windows And Mirrors

Just the one house
is where I stay.
Blind to benefits
from your view.

You gaze
through windows
I try to keep clean.

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