Saniya Galeyeva

Bronze Star - 2,205 Points (08.05.1986 / Russia, Orenburg region, Sorochinsk)

Saniya Galeyeva Poems

161. Disgusting Behaviour 6/17/2017
162. The Ability To Love 6/17/2017
163. You Will Call Me Silly 7/13/2017
164. I Loved Him. Did He? 8/9/2017
165. A Bit Of Happiness 10/26/2013
166. Counting-Out Rhyme 10/26/2013
167. Thank You 10/26/2013
168. 'I Love You' 5/23/2014
169. What Music Is For Me 5/24/2012
170. When The Moonlight Touches My Tatami 4/19/2012
171. Close Your Eyes And Listen To The Music 4/22/2012
172. Scolding Myself, Hating Myself 4/22/2012
173. The Little Warrior 4/22/2012
174. With All My Heart 4/22/2012
175. A Tale About One Doll 4/23/2012
176. From The Tips Of The Fingers 4/22/2012
177. He Called Me 4/22/2012
178. Amber 8/23/2016
179. I Will Play This Part 7/4/2012
180. Autumn Leaf 4/22/2012
181. Tell Me, How To Love You 6/17/2017
182. Just A Tangle 4/14/2017
183. Thinking Over If I Am A Poet Or Not 7/13/2017
184. Under My Pillow 6/17/2017
185. My Son 5/24/2012
186. Fly 4/22/2012
187. I Burn My Poems 8/24/2016
188. Mausoleum 8/6/2012
189. Try To Remove Me From Your Heart 6/19/2017
190. I Fell In Love With A Beautiful Beast 6/19/2012
191. Love Is You 4/22/2012
192. After Sex 10/21/2013
Best Poem of Saniya Galeyeva

After Sex

After sex with you
I’ve got your smell on my skin.
You’ve got my smell too.
And you’ve got the smell of sin.

After sex with me
You go away and I stay.
I do not mind it.
For me it is just a game.

After sex with you
I’ve got your smell on my sheet.
I take it and put
Into my washing-machine.

After sex with me
You’ll tell me: “I love you, babe”.
I know it’s a trick.
I’ll feel as if I were raped.

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I Know I Shall Die

I know I shall die.
But you will not cry.
I'll die soon, at noon.
And you'll sell my moon.

My poor sweet moon!
You'll sell it as soon
As I'm still and cold
And gone from this world.

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