Saniya Galeyeva

Silver Star - 3,291 Points (08.05.1986 / Russia, Orenburg region, Sorochinsk)

Saniya Galeyeva Quotes

  • ''Life is a game. If you are strong and clever and skilful enough to take part in it, you can try your luck. But if you are not, you'd better pretend that you don't exist at all.''
    Saniya Galeyeva
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  • ''When you are in love, you have a reason for being creative. When you love, you have a reason for living.''
    Saniya Galeyeva
  • ''If you have no choice, refuse to choose at all.''
    Saniya Galeyeva
  • ''People are rather stupid beasts. They won`t understand what you are talking about until they have felt it on their own back.''
    Saniya Galeyeva
  • ''Just be yourself. Then you`ll be the best.''
    Saniya Galeyeva
  • ''If words are bullets, at first you must take aim thoroughly.''
    Saniya Galeyeva
  • ''People who have no personalty, attract everyone because they are like black holes. But nobody looks at the real stars and no one admire them. And does anyone remember that stars can turn into black holes but black holes will never be stars again?''
    Saniya Galeyeva
  • ''The best things exist only in one sample. There is no other you in this world, that's why you are unique.''
    Saniya Galeyeva
  • ''Prudence is the immunity of your soul and heart.''
    Saniya Galeyeva
  • ''They say, affection is a disease. You stop being independent and can't do without some person. It is dangerous if the object of your love is careless about your feelings.''
    Saniya Galeyeva

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Best Poem of Saniya Galeyeva

After Sex

After sex with you
I’ve got your smell on my skin.
You’ve got my smell too.
And you’ve got the smell of sin.

After sex with me
You go away and I stay.
I do not mind it.
For me it is just a game.

After sex with you
I’ve got your smell on my sheet.
I take it and put
Into my washing-machine.

After sex with me
You’ll tell me: “I love you, babe”.
I know it’s a trick.
I’ll feel as if I were raped.

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It Is A Painful Game

It is a painful game.
You seem to like it. Why?
My feeling`s sick and lame.
So will your one survive?

I need a piece of bread
But I am given sweets.
You want a helping hand.
Don`t tell me you need wings.

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