Sanjukta Basu

Sanjukta Basu Poems

1. Just Another Day 4/29/2005
2. Some Day Again 4/11/2005
3. Gift 4/11/2005
4. I Must Be Happy 4/16/2005
5. She Is Walking, Searching (May,2005) 6/9/2005
6. You Never Called 4/16/2005
7. Sequel 9/2/2005
8. An Absurd Poem 3/5/2006
9. The Road Has Come To An End (Dt Mar'09) 5/25/2011
10. Follow 5/25/2011
11. Few Nights' Stands (Dt Jan'09) 5/25/2011
12. Awake (Dt Dec'08) 5/25/2011
13. Soulmate (Dt Aug'08) 5/25/2011
14. Savage Love (Mar'08) 5/25/2011
15. When The Night Comes (Nov'06) 5/25/2011
16. Beautiful (Aug'06) 5/25/2011
17. Birth Of A Smile (Sep'06) 5/25/2011
18. Love Is A Bubble 5/25/2011
19. He's Back 5/25/2011
20. So We Broke Up 5/25/2011
21. I Am Ok 3/5/2006

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Best Poem of Sanjukta Basu

I Am Ok

Your love for me was real I know
It's just that you were too weak to stand up for your love
I don't blame you for any thing
I know it isn't easy for you to be happy
but we both have to be
life goes on try to find some happiness for yourself
Don't worry bout me
I would still be where I was supposed to be

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Some Day Again

Some day, again in the middle of the night In my empty bed with my empty thoughts
I will remember you, I know
‘That is it then’, goodbye I said today, But I will be blue again someday
will that hurt me so, that I don’t let you go?
No if I may say,
You can go like the morning always leaves the evening and never meets the night
While the night never quite passes the dawn, never gets to touch the morning light.

Someday again I’ll think of you, but not with pain

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