Sanjukta Basu

Sanjukta Basu Poems

1. Just Another Day 4/29/2005
2. Some Day Again 4/11/2005
3. Gift 4/11/2005
4. I Must Be Happy 4/16/2005
5. She Is Walking, Searching (May,2005) 6/9/2005
6. You Never Called 4/16/2005
7. Sequel 9/2/2005
8. An Absurd Poem 3/5/2006
9. The Road Has Come To An End (Dt Mar'09) 5/25/2011
10. Follow 5/25/2011
11. Few Nights' Stands (Dt Jan'09) 5/25/2011
12. Awake (Dt Dec'08) 5/25/2011
13. Soulmate (Dt Aug'08) 5/25/2011
14. Savage Love (Mar'08) 5/25/2011
15. When The Night Comes (Nov'06) 5/25/2011
16. Beautiful (Aug'06) 5/25/2011
17. Birth Of A Smile (Sep'06) 5/25/2011
18. Love Is A Bubble 5/25/2011
19. He's Back 5/25/2011
20. So We Broke Up 5/25/2011
21. I Am Ok 3/5/2006

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Best Poem of Sanjukta Basu

You Never Called

Gone are the days
when my phone used to ring
And a sweet caring voice used to touch a string in my heart
As I would pick up the receiver and say ‘hello’

A face of an angel used to flash in front of my eyes
As you would say ‘hello’ putting colors in my life

My heart would start pounding and
My soul will take a leap
As you would take my name in a soft sensual and stammering way
And as we build up a conversation
I’d begun a journey with you
To an exotic locale
Deep through ocean, past over the mountains,
Streets of beauty love ...

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At the dawn of you making a whole new world,
With the man you chose
a time so emotional yet so conditional,
time that you have been waiting for so long,
a time so scary and so strong,
a time to say the unspoken and yet it’s the time to let silence speak
it’s the time when you can let your imagination run wild
time when you leave your system stirred and lead without a mind

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