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41. A Broken Heart 12/11/2009
42. They.... 12/16/2009
43. Lonliness... 12/18/2009
44. Since I Met You.. 12/18/2009
45. Not Enough.. 3/26/2010
46. Since You'Ve Been Gone.. 3/26/2010
47. Dreams... 2/14/2012
48. Religion 3/9/2012
49. My Angel 3/9/2012
50. Autumn 3/9/2012
51. A Little Bit More 3/9/2012
52. Let Us Say Goodbye 3/24/2012
53. I'M Not There 4/15/2012
54. Memories 4/15/2012
55. Your Smile 4/27/2012
56. Me 4/27/2012
57. Distance 4/27/2012
58. Someone's Pain 5/1/2012
59. Dream Of You 8/5/2012
60. Another Short Goodbye 10/7/2012
61. My Sun 10/7/2012
62. Remember 10/8/2012
63. Come Back 6/21/2013
64. Lock You Away 8/29/2013
65. Yet It's Your Dreams.. 10/20/2013
66. Forgotten 10/26/2013
67. Two 3/2/2014
68. Scream Of Your Name 3/2/2014
69. God's Forsaken Earth 3/8/2014
70. Take Me Back 3/9/2014
71. Why I Can'T Let You Go 3/29/2014
72. Won'T Give Up On You 3/29/2014
73. Know That You Are Loved 5/7/2014
74. Part Of Me 7/21/2014
75. Moon And Her Sun 1/1/2016
76. Last Prayer 7/6/2016
77. Mine 10/28/2016
78. A Selfish Man 3/9/2014
79. Agree To Disagree 4/15/2012

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Agree To Disagree

I agree to disagree that we will always be the same.
I agree to disagree that I will never forget your name.
I agree to disagree that there can be a happy ending.
I agree to disagree that we won't break as long as we are bending.
I agree to disagree that we can save each other from our self.
I agree to disagree that love grows, the deeper in it we delve.
I agree to disagree that we can mean the whole world to each other.
I agree to disagree that we can inspire each other to move further.
I agree to disagree that working hard means we are struggling.
I agree to ...

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They Said

They said love sets you free,
But forgot to mention it hurts immensely.
They said it’s better to have loved n lost than to have never loved at all,
But forgot to mention you not only loose your mind but also your soul in this free fall.
They said when love ends you learn to move on,
But forgot to mention the life in you will also be gone.
They said there will be a day I would not miss you no more,
But forgot to mention I’d stop caring for what waits behind life’s door.
They said some

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