Sankar Sarkar

Freshman - 618 Points [Akash]

Sankar Sarkar Poems

1. Next To Paradise 3/24/2015
2. Song Of The Dust 6/3/2015
3. Song Of Circle 6/4/2015
4. Crazy For Living 3/10/2015
5. Obscurity 3/13/2015
6. As My Second Existence 3/15/2015
7. Meaningless 3/15/2015
8. Waiting 6/4/2015
9. Crazy 3/13/2015
10. Never Look Back 6/6/2015
11. I Want To Write A Poem 6/7/2015
12. Song Of Optimism 6/12/2015
13. Again I Come Back 8/9/2015
14. Song Of Beginning 12/14/2015
15. Mirror Of Dust 6/8/2015
16. Let Me Live 6/2/2015
17. Song Of Life 6/8/2015
18. The Indian 7/2/2017
19. Breaking 7/2/2017
20. We Are In Touch 6/2/2015
21. Revolution Of Love 3/10/2015
22. Integration 3/20/2015
23. Don'T Die 3/8/2015
24. Cry Of Dust 3/8/2015
25. The Seed-Bed Of Time 3/9/2015
26. Handful Of Dust 6/2/2015
Best Poem of Sankar Sarkar

Handful Of Dust

Can anyone give me
a handful of dust of the soil?
To feel the cadence of the universe
To feel the existence of life
To feel ever inspiration
To go ahead of facing
the sophistication
From anywhere
From any place
From birth to grave
And from reality to eternity
I want only a handful of dust
of the soil!
To understand the democratic sensation
Ever flowing in my veins
In my thoughts
In my realization
Even in the blood,
irrespective of child, young
and the old
Have you felt your ...

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The Seed-Bed Of Time

On the seed-bed of time
We are sowing the seeds of love
Sprouting and sprawling its essence
Over the time forever;
Like snail as a child
We are fainting, crawling, crying
And wailing endlessly
For something or something not

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