Sanne Fenright

Biography of Sanne Fenright

Sanne Fenright, sad to say, is an anonymous writer.
She has written some ameteurish material over her young life, and has found this website to be an acceptable exposure for her. She is a Christian cum Catholic believer. She, therefore, is probably a nice and moral-just lady.
The reason Sanne Fenright has a pseudonym is that she is endeavouring to escape discriminnation of some sorts. However, she shall confidently admit that she is a female writer.
It is far from the times of Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell, and Sanne Fenright is diverted by the fact of how the world has changed since then. She believes that now female writers are considered to be the dominant ones. But, if she were to admit that, it would be a heavier violation of prejudice against the opposite genders.
Sanne Feright would conclude that to discover who the dominant one would be, she would suggest that the readers browse over her poems, and compare.
If you disagree with her, please feel free to comment on her writing.
Constructive critisism or sound compliments are heartily welcomed, especially the latter.

Sanne Fenright's Works:

none to date Updates

What Do I Write?

What do you write in a poem?
A story about the wind and rain,
the colours of the sun,
children walking down the lane?
or about a thief on the run?

What do you write in a poem?
A damp day full of gloom,
an exciting morning with twists and turns?

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