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  • ''The first love didn't last long becoz I was so new to it. The latest one too becoz I am so experienced that there's nothing new to it! ! !''
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  • ''Life is about gradual disillusionment and the challenge is how graceful you can make it.''
  • ''This world sees and celebrates scholars but misunderstands and ignores genius.''
  • ''Those who are shocked at your popularity or achievements are the ones who have underestimated you.''
  • ''There is nothing conventional in Love''
  • ''contentment and insecurity are inversely proportional.''
  • ''Contentment and Insecurity are inversely proportional''
    santhosh kana
  • ''What keeps me happy, refreshed, passionate and motivated as a teacher is that I happily forget outside the school that I am a teacher.''
    santhosh kana
  • ''The language of Love has no script but a great oral tradition of literature''
    Santhosh Kana

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The Algebra Of Your Absence

They told me
“wipe your tears, be a Man”! !
How’s it to be a Man? ?
I wake up to your absence
Your lost leftover like “good morning”
I love my bed though you aren’t there
I can’t wake up to your face
The deep innocence in your eyes makes me weak for you

Holding you in my arms
Cuddling you on my lap
Caressing your locks
Sneaking into its dense
The smell of a primordial innocence.
Baby, can’t we be together without us? ?

Didn’t I love you like my baby?
Didn’t I nozzle the ageless rear of your neck
Your bare shoulders?
The most ...

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Those Who Return Home

I like those who return home
They are with Nature
They carry the moisture of love
There is a defeat on their face and body, a surrender
Returning home is the last you cling on to

Those who return home are children
There is the dirt of nomadic pursuit in them
Their sweats smell like childhood

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