sapphire santiago

Rookie (1/30/94 / brooklyn hospital)

Biography of sapphire santiago

imma cool person, i love to sing and i love to dance.
writing is also my passion. my personality is basically crazy. (what can i say i like to have fun)
sapphire is not my real name by the way lolz, its kristen (ugh i hate that name)
im in 9th grade and so far its AWSOME lolz
my favorite colors is blue, black and gray.
my favorite cartoon character is bugzbunny.
my favorite food is frenchfries
and i am full BORICUA lolz
i live in brooklyn, east newyork and thats pretty much everything bout me see yah lolz: -p Updates

Forbidden Love

The power of love is extremly strong
When your in love you never feel wrong
No matter what, you want to be by his side
And you are for sure that your love won't die
But there's always that one person that messes up your fairytale
When that takes place you feel, alone, lost, angry and hopeless which you can't embrace
Everyday being away from him is burning a whole in your heart
You can't handle it, it hurts to be apart
Because you have so much love for him or her

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