Saptarshi Banerjee

Saptarshi Banerjee Poems

1. Back Again 10/16/2011
2. A Musical Identity Crisis 10/16/2011
3. Him, And Our Duty 10/16/2011
4. Questions Unanswered 10/18/2011
5. Volition 10/18/2011
6. Pleasing For Many Unpleasant For Most 10/18/2011
7. Ignorant Rage 12/30/2011
8. Comrades 12/30/2011
9. Disloyal Confession 1/26/2012
10. Victory? 1/26/2012
11. I Try 1/26/2012
12. Happy To Think Beyond 1/26/2012
13. Poet Farmers Revolt 1/28/2012
14. Love Examined 5/20/2012
15. Abstract Proposal 7/15/2012
16. Me And You 7/15/2012
17. Final Leave 11/20/2011
18. May I 12/30/2011
19. While You Go To Bed 7/15/2012
20. Wait For You 12/30/2011
21. A Train Away From Past 12/30/2011
22. The Story Ends 10/16/2011
23. Love Like Evergreen Tree 7/15/2012
24. I Am I And You Are You 10/16/2011
25. A Dream Called Life 10/18/2011

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Best Poem of Saptarshi Banerjee

A Dream Called Life

A dream called life,
With sparks of fire,
With energy infinite,
And experiments excuisite.

With joy unending,
And love outpouring,
Though grief is a burden-
But it surely will get the curtain.

A new show will begin
High on drama and rich with chances.
Again a lot of solace, and a lot of greivances.
Life is a dream with all these nuances.

None opts for an answer.
None should question good or bad.
Just enjoy the bloom of a flower,
Equallly the pain of being sad.

The unknown unveils in its familiarity.
The known cheats in ...

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The Story Ends

Finally the day has come.
Love lost to obstination,
Care lost to dogma,
And selflessness lost to impulsive language.

It was almost a new morning that night,
Certain emotions had been reincarnated in my heart after a long time
Though it started with a stupid fight
Still the atmosphere exuberated silent emotions sublime.

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