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Wishing Upon A Star

To the stars I see
I make just one wish,

For happiness to penetrate
and to never leave,

I grasp at my laughter
pleading it to never die,
I grasp at the nature
of my silenced mind,
I grasp at the hole
that fills me inside,
The hole that requires
the innocence of a childs mind,

The burden thrust upon my shoulders
begging to be turned into ash,
it grows a pulse that beats with my own
the pulse that relapsed..

I grasp at the future
that my hope never forgets,
I grasp at the love
the heavy haunting on my ...

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Lost Existence

The grass melted
as the sea bled
into the sky

Time erased itself
becomming only
but a lie

The human race
hid beneath rock formations
condoning a pattern
to survive

The existence of the world
on the hot air
left behind

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