Sara Javed

Freshman - 674 Points [Sara] (10th December,2015 / Lahore, Pakistan)

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  • ''Let me tell you a fairy tale, my dear child. There was once a girl, so much like ice. Her existence was beautiful but cold at the same time she was like a rose, a white rose, preached on the highest branch of the tree. Then one day, she felt a brilliant aura surround her. She saw a beautiful creature pass by her. And you know what? She fell in love. She fell onto the ground. She dreamed during the day, her soft petals closed, and woke at night, her petals in full bloom. She didn't mind being trampled by shoes- sneakers, boots, heels. All of them. She didn't mind staining her white petals. One day, she again saw the creature. She beamed brightly and bloomed again. But, the creature trampled over her. Kicked her aside. She wilted, her petals fell off. She just wanted the creature to notice her. But it didn't. And you know what? She closed the eyes and let the misery overwhelm her. She was buried in the brown soil. Fairy tales, aren't true my child, fairy tales aren't true...''
    I wrote this quote, just because I saw hundreds of people suffering from heartbreak, their souls shattered. May be, I acting like an non-optimistic person saying that fairy tales don't exist, but in my opinion, it is true.
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The Dreamer

I was not a powerful soul;
I was the dreamer.
I was not a beautiful soul;
I had my fair share of scars and bruises.
I was not a pitied soul;
I was thought to be loud and rash.
I was not a loved soul;
I was stoned to death.
Oh my dear child! I am the dreamer.

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