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Rookie (11/15/,1998 / japan)

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well right now i have a really bad life.
so what i do is, i put them in to poems.
so that i can show others how i feel.
but not all the poems are emo like the ones you read
some are for happy times,
i don't have any book that i wrote, so i am not an aothor.. yet. i am hoping to be come one very soon.. or in 10 years(>_<) sadly i am not old enough.
thats what my mom saud at least. if she is worng pleas tell me! ! ! ! ! ! i realy want to know :) know! ! ! ! !
i am trying to write happy poems. but find it hard to write that... if you have any advice pleas tell me..

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i have no published books..... yet: p Updates


I walked in to the woods
And I find that I am lost
I try to find a way out
But all I get is dead ends

I start to hear crying
And screaming
Why does it sound so much like mine

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