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41. Are You The Same? 8/25/2007
42. I Am Nobody My Love 10/16/2007
43. I Once Kissed The Lie 10/16/2007
44. Sing For Absolution 11/11/2007
45. Alone With Love 11/12/2007
46. Tragedy 11/12/2007
47. I Was Born To Get Lost 11/13/2007
48. I Lost Me For Ever 11/12/2007
49. Simple Truth 10/24/2007
50. You Are Not Gonna Change, Are You? 9/4/2007
51. When You Feel Me 9/13/2007
52. Love Is You 9/28/2007
53. I Am Still Greatfull With You Betraying Me 11/1/2007
54. The Dark Side Of The Love 11/13/2007
55. Message From The Heart 8/8/2007
56. Love In Simple Words 8/9/2007
57. I Carry You With Me 8/10/2007
58. Life Is Cruel 12/10/2007
59. Nothing But Your Smile 3/21/2008
60. Pride And Prejudice 10/13/2007
61. You Are My Fate 12/10/2007
62. Love Love Love 12/11/2007
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Love Love Love

call me
and I will rise

raise me
and I will love

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Re Having Time

if all is what I see
I can never forgive me
to take the time so easy
that passes me like a bee

I wish I could have some more
then I could fly from the floor
I would find you some aspects
we didn't see from that door

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