Rookie (June 9,1983 / Jersey City, NJ)


There isn't much to describe but here goes nothing. I am twenty five years old and I have a 15 month old daughter named Hannah. I work full time doing Data Entry and I am a Church going Christian. I love to laugh and have a good time whenever possible. Days are too short not to smile. I embrace Jesus Christ in my life 100% and when all is said and done and my days are up I hope that my poetry will live on. Updates

Past Relived

I remember the days I felt lost
the days I felt my life was one big mess
the way I felt love had a high cost
and caused just too much stress
Depression took the best of me
overwhelming emotions arose
it all just happened suddenly
and now i'm glad to say that chapter is closed
but i still turn back to whats suppose to be left in the past

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