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Rookie (My B-day until my world came crashing down on 8/23/08 / Out in a cornfield: P)

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I'm a girl and that's all you need to know!

J/K! I go to school just like every teenager.
I like expressing my thoughts and feelings creatively. Whether it being through poetry, drawing or dancing (I can't dance though!)
I write short poems about how I feel in a specific moment in time... it helps me control myself.
I have many problems (not mental even though I act like I do) but I hide it well.
I want to be either an agricultural or marine biologist or an astronomer! Pretty crazy considering I write poems all the time!
There's plenty of other things to know but so little time to tell...

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Through My Eyes

This poem was written for my English project and it's a Rondelet.

Through my eyes,
I can see who you really are.
Through my eyes,
I know what the world really is.
Twinkling like a star, I’ve admired you from afar,
Through my eyes.

Sweet ain't it? : P

Written: March 17,2009 sometime after school.

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