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Rookie (My B-day until my world came crashing down on 8/23/08 / Out in a cornfield: P)

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I'm a girl and that's all you need to know!

J/K! I go to school just like every teenager.
I like expressing my thoughts and feelings creatively. Whether it being through poetry, drawing or dancing (I can't dance though!)
I write short poems about how I feel in a specific moment in time... it helps me control myself.
I have many problems (not mental even though I act like I do) but I hide it well.
I want to be either an agricultural or marine biologist or an astronomer! Pretty crazy considering I write poems all the time!
There's plenty of other things to know but so little time to tell...

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This is one of my first poems that I wrote.

The empty bus seat’s where I wish you'd be,
Not in the back, right here, next to me.
I've admired you for way too long,
While listening to music and singin songs.
I've seen you there everyday,
It kills me inside not knowing your name!
I wish I had the courage to ask,

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