Sarah Child

Sarah Child Poems

41. Today 4/11/2011
42. Become 4/12/2011
43. Last Kiss Goodbye 10/7/2009
44. Home 5/5/2009
45. Victory(Haiku) 4/24/2009
46. Hope(Haiku) 4/24/2009
47. Wandering For Eternity 4/22/2009
48. Far From Home 8/24/2010
49. Returning Home 5/1/2009
50. Angels 4/29/2009
51. Winter(Haiku) 4/26/2009
52. Reflections 4/22/2009
53. Death(Haiku) 4/24/2009
54. Arena 4/17/2011
55. Remember When 5/4/2009
56. I'Ll Be 10/7/2009
57. Why 11/1/2009
58. Betrayal 5/2/2009
59. Addicted 4/30/2009
60. Insanity 4/22/2009
Best Poem of Sarah Child


Sourceless voices-echo in my mind
Heatless fires-eat away at my soul
Invisible landscapes-play out like scenes before my eyes
My body resides here on earth-but my mind wanders elsewhere
Out of sync-with reality
Oblivious-to its surroundings
My body lies dormant-withering away
While my mind lives and drifts through immortal fantasy

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I look into a mirror
And see four different faces looking back at me
All are mine-but none are me
One seeks solitude-longing for the darkness
Two wants to travel the realms-and feel the adrenaline
Three seeks revenge-only knowing hatred
Four is an outcast-cold and alone-wanting nothing more but to be held
Each has its own heart-its own mind
Revealing themselves one at a time

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