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41. Days Go Bye 4/11/2005
42. Sorry I Never 8/30/2005

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Secrets may fade in my mind
but they will never disappear
The only secrets I'm afraid I'll break
are the ones I hold so dear
I am not one to open up
but it isn't because of fear
I don't need you to know everything
I don't need to shed another tear

Secrets are made in my mind
the silence I hold so tight
Don't make me tell you all my thoughts
I don't want to have to fight
Don't change me to your cookie cutter mould
my eyes can't take your light
I don't have to fit into this world
I don't have to explain; it's my right

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when you feel as if you've lost your way
and the rain clouds up your sunny day
just breathe and say
i'll be okay

when you feel as if your life is blurred
and you don't understand a word you've heard
just breathe and say
i'll be okay