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Biography of Sarah Crouch

My names Sarah Crouch, Pen name: Lost-Pixie because I am unsure of everything and look like a pixie.
I don't like writing poetry because a lot of the things I write hurt me, but I do write it because it's one of the few ways I can express myself.
My poems aren't completely creative or completely original but they are good in my opinion.
If you want to ask me anything about myself email me at
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Songs Of Sorrow

You show what shouldn't be seen.
What others don't wish to remember.
You show what was, what is and what will be.
You decide the fate of men.
Their demise.
You force them to watch what they have done to deserve this punishment, the agony of those around them, and the future of pain they will suffer.
Watching their horrified reactions.
Then you force them to endure the torment they have been watching for so long.
At the end they are mindless drones, reset so you can massacre their lives a

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