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My names Sarah Crouch, Pen name: Lost-Pixie because I am unsure of everything and look like a pixie.
I don't like writing poetry because a lot of the things I write hurt me, but I do write it because it's one of the few ways I can express myself.
My poems aren't completely creative or completely original but they are good in my opinion.
If you want to ask me anything about myself email me at
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Don'T Tell Me The Truth

Lie to me.
Say you love me it wont hurt, say you need me and I'll be there, tell me I'm the only one.
Fill my head with your voice, drive me insane, I don't mind as long as I'm the only one.
Whisper to me sweet words with bitter meanings and make hollow promises to me, no one else cares, just leave me here in this dark room with my insanity.
Just don't tell me the truth, don't tell me you really love me or need me, don't tell me I was always the only one or that there was no bitter meaning b

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