Sarah Green

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Sarah Green Poems

1. This Place 3/20/2009
2. Broken Heart You Left 3/24/2009
3. A Circle Of Lies 9/8/2009
4. The Grains Of Sand That Are My Heart 9/22/2009
5. I Can See 9/23/2009
6. They Don'T 9/23/2009
7. My Heart! 9/23/2009
8. Soul Mate Found 9/23/2009
9. In The Crowd 9/24/2009
10. That Look 9/24/2009
11. Opposites~ 9/28/2009
12. ~the World~ 9/28/2009
13. What Keeps Us Interested 9/28/2009
14. Tears Of Truth 10/5/2009
15. The Stupidity Of People 10/8/2009
16. Moan 3/27/2009
17. A Way To See Me In A New Way 5/22/2009
18. Those Feelings 9/23/2009
19. My Trouble 9/23/2009
20. My Angel 1/27/2010
21. Epitath 10/15/2009
22. Angelic Path 11/6/2009
23. The Answer 3/26/2009
24. Unforgiving Gates 3/19/2009
25. In Love 7/21/2009
26. I Am Me 8/27/2010
27. Blowing Snow & Ice 3/19/2009
28. Choose 9/23/2009
29. *come* 9/23/2009
Best Poem of Sarah Green


Come to the light where it is warm,
out of the dark and into the light.
Run from the bad and come to the good.
There is someone waiting for you,
through the area of uncertainty and ruin,
through the valley of death to live.
Come to your friends and family,
to the happiness of life.
Come from the valley of sorrow and begin your happiness.
from your unhappy life to something better.
Come away from your addictions and problems,
to the place you are safe.
Come to the place where your dreams come true,
where your fears disappear and never return.

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Broken Heart You Left

In my heart there is only you
yet along the way it was broke in two
when you kissed my best friend in front of me
then you chased after me saying 'I am so sorry'
It doesn't work with me,
I have had my heart broke too many times before
why don't you understand that you can't fix the broken heart you left me with?
Just leave me alone and I will mend it by myself the only thing is, I still love you but I can't trust you, or my best friend anymore.
We can't be together.

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