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Sarah Holmes Poems

1. Baby Girl 12/14/2008
2. Hush Now 12/14/2008
3. I'Ve Darken Heaven's Skies 12/14/2008
4. It Started With... 12/14/2008
5. Here Or There? 12/16/2008
6. Next Girl 3/15/2009
7. Imaginary Guy 7/13/2009
8. I Stare Up At The Cross 7/13/2009
9. I’d Be Lying... 7/13/2009
10. You Again 10/11/2011
11. Men 12/14/2008
12. The Truth 12/14/2008
13. Thoughts Of You 12/14/2008
14. When I’ M Not There 12/14/2008
15. White Wedding 12/14/2008
16. Waiting 12/14/2008
17. Ever Since You Said Those Words 2/7/2012
18. A Crazy Little Thing Called Love 12/14/2008
19. Lost 12/14/2008
20. The End 2/7/2012
21. Where Are You? 2/7/2012
22. In Pieces 12/14/2008
23. Friendship With God 12/14/2008
24. Death By Bullying 12/14/2008

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Best Poem of Sarah Holmes

Death By Bullying

Will you cry at her funeral,
Will you feel guilty if you knew?
That’s she’s lying in this coffin,
And it’s all because of you.

Those weeks at school,
I’ll never forget.
That horrible day,
When you and her met.

Every evening she would come home,
And tell me of her day.
How her life had no sunshine,
It was just dark and grey.

I’d tell her every morning,
God loves you all the same.
But she couldn’t understand,
If he loved her, then why all this pain?

I never thought my darling girl,
Would do that to her self.
All I ...

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In Pieces

I'm breaking the mirror,
There's nothing to see.
I won't have to look at….
That image of me.

I'm in a thousand pieces,
Who'll mend the crack?
There's nobody here,
To put the pieces back.

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